1. Alberto Sillitti
  2. Amel Charleux
  3. Bjorn Lundell
  4. Brian Fitzgerald
  5. Davide Taibi
  6. Ernesto Damiani
  7. Fabio Kon
  8. Fulvio Frati
  9. Giancarlo Succi
  10. Greg Madey
  11. Gregorio Robles
  12. Igor Steinmacher
  13. Imed Hammouda
  14. Jean-Michel Dalle
  15. Jesús Gonzalez-Barahona
  16. Jonas Gamalielsson
  17. Joseph Feller
  18. Kevin Crowston
  19. Paolo Pumilia
  20. Pär Ågerfalk
  21. Rishab Aiyer Ghosh
  22. Scott Hissam
  23. Stefan Koch
  24. Stefano Zacchiroli
  25. Tommi Mikkonen
  26. Tony Wasserman
  27. Walt Scacchi


To communicate to and between WG members we have setup two private mailing lists, both hosted on Google Groups:

  • The ifipwg213 Google Group: It is an announcement only group that the officers will use (sparingly) to communicate to group members.

  • The companion ifipwg213-members Google Group: It will be used for private Working Group members’ discussions. The input and feedback there will be very useful, so if you are a member, please consider joining that group.